Nedbank Now Offers Free SMS Alert Services For All Transactions

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With SMS alerts, you can know what your money is doing 24/7. SMS alerts are triggered whenever your card is used. This way, you can detect cybercrimes and fraudulent activities anytime and anywhere. That’s why Nedbank has decided to give all of its customers free SMS alert services for all transactions. In a notice, Nedbank said:

We advise our valued clients that, due to an increase in Cybercrime, especially bank card fraud cases, the Bank has embarked on an exercise to ensure you receive SMS alerts for all transactions.

This functionality applies to all Nedbank account holders using your submitted mobile contact numbers. This security measure will assist you to immediately detect and report suspicious transactions on your account.


Clients who are not receiving SMS alerts for transactions on their account are encouraged to contact their Nedbank branch to sign up for this free service.

While smartphone apps are taking off and increasingly becoming a primary customer interface for banking, this is one of a few areas where SMS shines. With SMS notifications for withdrawals and low balance alerts, deposit notifications, and account updates, users have access to real-time information about what’s happening with their accounts.

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