Powertel Hikes Voice And Data Prices

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
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Mobile Network operators, ZOL and Africom have already given you increased new prices and reduced data allocations on the pretext of re-aligning themselves with the new economic reality. There is nowhere to run to in search of cheaper telecoms services as Powertel has also revised its voice and data prices. The new prices will come into effect on 1 May 2019.

Unlike other service providers, Powertel didn’t change it’s data allocations. Instead, it just raised the prices of every package by 150% when you pay using RTGS dollars. So if you were paying RTGS $1 for a certain Powertel service (which was quoted US$1), you now have to pay RTGS $2.5. If you prefer paying using US Dollars, then you just have to pay US$1.

Today if you ‘burn’ US$1, you get RTGS $4 at least. As you can see, the smart thing will be just to go into the black market and burn your US$1 (to get RTGS $4) and then pay up RTGS$ 2.5 for your Powertel service. You will then pocket RTGS $1.5.

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