Was The $200k Donated By POTRAZ To Cyclone Idai Relief Funded By USF?

There’s been a rumour circulating that POTRAZ donated $200 000 to Cyclone Idai Relief efforts and that this donation was funded by the USF (Universal Service Fund) contributed to by mobile network operators.

Sources closer to the situation informed us that though POTRAZ did donate to relief efforts, the money was not sourced from the USF fund.

The funds donated by POTRAZ were meant to ensure that network providers don’t disrupt their service during the disaster and apart from the $200 000, POTRAZ also donated about 50 000 litres of fuel to keep base stations running.


The regulators efforts join a host of other players in the telecoms industry who contributed to the relief efforts in the aftermath of one of the biggest natural disasters to occur in the country. Econet, NetOne and Telecel all contributed to relief efforts which are meant to get the affected families back on their feet as soon as possible.

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