ZOL Customers On Capped Packages To Get Free WhatsApp Access

So ZOL has been probing how many deal sweeteners to subscribers, now that their prices went up and they’ve come up with an interesting solution. ZOL subscribers on capped packages will now get access to WhatsApp for free this month. That’s right, the WhatsApp data you consume on your package will not be billed or deducted from your monthly total.

Now a few years ago, this wouldn’t have been too attractive because WhatsApp was mostly about texts and it didn’t consume that much data. Now that there are statuses and everyone has a number of groups where media (music/videos/pictures) is constantly being sent so having this will probably come in handy.

Initially, this didn’t dawn on me until I checked how much WhatsApp data I used over the past month and it amounted to 5.97 GB. That’s quite significant and makes ZOL’s ‘gift’ a welcome


Unfortunately, this seems like it’s only an April thing (because someone’s got to pay for that data) so the free WhatsApp deal will only last until the 30th of April.

For the subscribers on uncapped packages, you can still collect Roku devices at ZOL shops so there is some value for all subscribers involved.

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