8 Hours No Electricity Per Day, Here’s ZESA Load Shedding Schedule For Harare

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Ridiculous is the word to describe the ZESA load shedding schedule for Harare. Darkness is going to be our ally whether we like it or not.

Essentially everyone is going to have 8 hours of no electricity each day. On a particular day you will get zero ZESA between 5am and 1pm and then the following day between 1pm and 9pm then rinse repeat… No escape.

Check out which days are which for your area:

Key for area codes

The schedule

Why now?

ZESA says the Zambezi Water Authority has reduced the amount of water available to the ZESA power generators at Kariba Dam. Where ZESA was getting 19 billion cubic meters of water, they will now be getting 16 billion cubic meters. This is because there was very low rainfall in the 2018-2019 rain season and the water levels at Kariba Dam are now quite low.

The reduced water availability is resulting in only 358MW of electricity being generated at Kariba a huge decrease from the planned average of 542MW. ZESA says Hwange, Bulawayo and Harare thermal power plants are currently not generating much due to “old age.”

ZESA is appealing to all users of electricity to switch of all idle appliances especially during peak hours of 5am-10am and 5pm-10pm.


  1. Nicholas Elias

    Is this schedule correct? Code H14 is appearing everywhere, does it mean there won’t be electricity everyday between 5and and 9pm

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for the Schedule – next time lets Use ACTUAL SCREENSHOTS – not cameshots of the Screen

  4. Fedup

    So h14 is every day
    Who compiled this list is incompetent to say the least.

  5. Anonymous

    hie i cant see braeside on the list can u please upload screen shots because cam shots are not clear

  6. Anonymous

    Yesterday we didn’t have electricity from 6am-7pm and today again from 6am up until now there is nothing…this is pathetic

  7. Rutendo

    I don’t see Bluffhill on the list?

    1. Anonymous

      kwako kuri kuda kuti magetsi aende here ?

  8. Craig

    Unfortunately my wife posted that screenshot of the 2014 shedule on aWhatsapp group and its gone viral and totally out of context!

  9. Mrs Holland

    Had no power for 5weeks so my load shedding started a few weeks ago
    However thanks for the schedule

  10. Anonymous

    Its now 2140 and no electricity. So does this work???

  11. Anonymous

    In Glen norah B there was no electricity from 05:00hrs till 19:00hrs, not sure were the 8 hours schedule is applied

  12. PissedOff

    What a total phuck up. No banking system, no cash, no jobs, no economy, no fuel, no garbage collection, no water delivery service, rising costs/taxes/charges…..and now this??? WTF?
    Total implosion….

  13. anti zanoid !!

    this place is fcucked with these zanoids !!!

  14. nene

    Pamberi ne zanu

  15. Anonymous

    The schedule is a joke..

  16. Bob

    Can they do anything right ? The most incompetent failure of govement history no growth just destruction please god help our Zimbabwe !

  17. Justin Phiri

    Ko nhaiwe, asi haugone kunyatso scana document racho ribude zvakanaka. Tikanzwa zita rekuti ”Tech” ndinongofunga kuti munhu ari kuziva zvaari ka isu.

  18. Anonymous

    Nhai imi murikumubhadhara here munhu uyu? I thought this was voluntary I expect “please next time use screenshot etc” Mozoda kuti Zim yacho ifambe sei?

  19. Marie Jeanette Creed

    We lucky they can’t take the sun or air away

  20. Anonymous

    l am not understanding the power cuts we in Breaside are having them every day, why.

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