8 ‘Weird Things’ That Get You Banned/Suspended On WhatsApp


WhatsApp has become a tool that billions of people across the world prefer using to communicate. However, it is also important not to misuse this platform as it may result in your account getting suspended or banned.

We don’t want no cry babies, so if you don’t know some of the important rules of the messaging platform I have listed 8 things you must know that may lead you to getting banned from WhatsApp.

Not your stuff

Thou shalt not send send copyrighted songs, videos and other proprietary stuff on WhatsApp Status. Or at least if you do and the owner of the copyright reports you to WhatsApp and you will get banned.


Dont send ‘dieases’

I mean don’t send files with virus and malware on this beloved platform because if one affected user reports you to WhatsApp then you won’t get to use the platform anymore.


If you happen to be bad at disguising and your victim notices that you are fooling them, you will be banned from the app.

No business

WhatsApp is in the process of preparing to give you ads on the platform so it doesn’t want competition from you in this area. So if you post your own business ads on WhatsApp you risk getting banned.

Contact list

Sending too many messages to unknown users could get you on WhatsApp’s bad list. Spamming, which is mostly encountered by many users today, is usually done by marketing teams. If you are one of those who keeps sending messages to people not on your contact list then you are doomed.


Being blocked by many people or if you are blocked by too many people over a short period of time is another cause for concern. Its related to spamming so you could also end up being banned from the app.

Fake news

If you are spamming or spreading hoax messages or rumours, you could be reported by someone who finds your content offensive. If you are reported to WhatsApp by any user, for any type of unwanted messages, WhatsApp could take up the investigation and ban you without any prior notice.

GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus or other modded apps

WhatsApp is already banning people who are using modded apps so don’t you dare use these apps. Stick to the original WhatsApp app.

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