EcoCash Announces New Bundles Allowing “Free Transactions”. You Have To Buy The Bundle…


EcoCash’s marketing of their transaction bundles is quite interesting. You have to but the bundles but they allow “free transactions”. I’m not sure how free those transactions are but let’s take a look at the bundles.


The bundles have a few perks:

  • You won’t be charged for a certain number of transactions (depending on the bundle you get)
  • The $25 & $40 bundles allow you to cash out once at no cost
  • All 3 bundles allow you to move your money from the bank to wallet and cash-in at no cost
  • The $40 bundle also gives you accident cover as well which is pretty convenient

Unfortunately my repeated attempts to dial the USSD code leading to the bundles was resulting in an error message that read “This service is not applicable for the current user.” It seems a number of subscribers have been having the same error.


The table shared by EcoCash is a bit too vague and it doesn’t disclose whether this bundle also covers the 2% tax or it’s EcoCash charges. We’ll be getting in touch with EcoCash reps to understand how exactly this bundle works.

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5 thoughts on “EcoCash Announces New Bundles Allowing “Free Transactions”. You Have To Buy The Bundle…

  1. Makes no sense for 25bundle you can only send money 3 times for free an 3 times to the merchant…that will barely cover a day for most people… Honestly this is ridiculous…unless this is really for ecosure and the free transactions are bonus

    1. Lol. The free transactions aren’t meant to cover all your transactions for the day. It’s not an entitlement. It’s up to you to use those transactions wisely. But I’m curious why you’d need to transact 6 times day? Unless you are a moneychanger.

      1. Ecocash is the most common way of transacting and wch money changer is dull enough to use a non merchant line for transacting?? Its supposed to be an entitlement coz u r paying. Many people do an average of 5 transactions a day. Ope your curiosity is addressed.

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