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EcoCash Sends A Warning Against Using One Of The Most Popular Apps, And It Backfires

Yesterday EcoCash warned people not to use Ecolegder, an app that’s arguably the most loved Zim app on Google Playstore at the moment.

Basically, Ecoledger allows you to track your EcoCash transactions, records the financial history and classify the different uses of the money in your wallet for a specific period. On top of that, you can generate and download a statement with a history of your transactions. These functionalities make it quite appealing to at least 100 000 people which is why it’s one of the fastest adopted finance apps in Zimbabwe. The ironic part is that it’s now the most downloaded apps relative to the EcoCash app.

In the process of warning people, EcoCash both promoted Ecoledger and gave people a reason to bash them about not letting them know that they are not associated with Ecolegder long time ago. I agree with these people because when you come to think of it, Ecoledger has been existing for at least a year and EcoCash comes out now (yesterday actually) disassociating itself from the app. So part of the reason people were angry with EcoCash is that it hadn’t warned them from using Ecoledger since last year yet the app knows about their EcoCash finances. Here’s just few of the angry comments people made:

How Ecoledger works

Ecoledger says that it doesn’t access people’s financial information but the app simply reads the EcoCash messages you receive when you make a transaction and compiles them. So Ecolegder doesn’t access EcoCash’s servers or databases. And beyond reading the EcoCash messages, Ecoledger says it doesnt read your personal messages (messages that are not from EcoCash)

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13 thoughts on “EcoCash Sends A Warning Against Using One Of The Most Popular Apps, And It Backfires

  1. People should really learn to read terms and conditions from the Apps they use, especially if money is involved. This one step alone will get you more informed before you use a product and you will not be surprised when such events happen.

  2. Your logic is weirdly similar to the people who use Eco Ledger, face a problem, then go to Econet crying for help. Flawed.

    The reason Econet sent that message is because of people associating Econet with Ecolegder and going to Econet for help. They sent the text once it got to a point that they couldnt keep quiet anymore. How could Econet talk about Ecoledger when they didnt know about Ecoledger?

    Second, you are wrong to say Econet Advertised Eco Ledger. They did not. People who dont know Eco Ledger simply ignored the text. It didnt make sense to them.

    Lastly, Techzim get serious. Sometimes the stuff you write make you sound maniacal and not a leading tech brand in Zimbabwe.

    1. What? You mean to tell me that Techzim, is a leading brand in Zim. Zimbos we are finished. Maiweeeee.

  3. Wait…people are mad at Econet for clarifying that Ecoledger is not their product?
    What were the alternatives? Let’s see…

    _Keeping quiet? And let anyone believe what they want?
    _Explaining this sooner when the app was hardly known?
    _Find some way of blocking the app when it surfaced?

    The only reason Econet might have felt compelled to release this could be the enquiries from people who ignored the app developer name, which is right there under the app name on the Play Store, as well as ignore the app description which clearly states that it reads your smes to compile your financial data.
    I applaud the app maker, since this is a very clever idea

  4. Econet should just buy the app. I think the app is convenient and the business of going to econet to get a statement is just exhausting and time consuming you can easily check your transactions using this eco ledger application

    1. hahahaha – Econet are going to create a competing application and then Push that –

      Check the History

  5. Can you please explain how it reads the messages one gets from Ecocash, which are then used to create the statement. Ndati vharwei ipapo

    1. Try loading the app where there are no ec ocash messages you will see the results

    2. You know how when you do a transaction on Ecocash it sends you an SMS ?

      and you know how Smart Phones store a LOT of these SMS things

      and you remember when you installed the app it asked for permission to read your SMS’

      and you remember Allowing it to read your SMS’

      Well then there is your explanation

  6. Well despite distancing themselves, clearly people use the foresight of a kid when it comes to sharing personal information. You are sharing your financial history with a third party who isn’t EcoCash, this is the exact thing that facebook got in trouble for the only difference Ecocash warned people way early via sms and are now making an announcement.

    Again like children who are told not to do something for their own safety people just run and get the EcoLedger. Then when stuff backfires still expect EcoCash to clean-up their stupidity.

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