How Much Is Your Personal Information Worth On The Dark Web?

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Privacy data breaches tend to feel mundane in Zimbabwe. It seems the general consensus among most people is “I don’t have any valuable data anyway so go ahead and access my data.”


I’ll tell you right now, that outlook is music to the ears of non-ethical hackers who can use your personal info/data for a number of not-so-innocent purposes. Identity thieves buy this data on the dark web and go and make some money (i.e through illegal means) using your good name.

A blog did some research and here are some estimates of how much it will costs to acquire certain personal info and it seems your data is more valuable than you might think:

Source: Experian

Whilst the image contains data more accurate to developed countries there’s a clear sign that personal information is in huge demand on the internet. This means you should be extremely careful about which info you give up willingly on the internet as it could be sold off to some guys who proceed to commit some crimes with your identity.

That’s not all

Even access to your social media accounts can be bought which is a more common breach and really why you shouldn’t use password123 as your password.

Marketwatch got the following estimates for the cost of login details back in 2018:

Type of accountAverage price log-in goes for on the dark web
ASOS (clothing)$2

These are estimates that may have since changed and will also largely depend on a number of other factors such as who you are and the value of your info but clearly we should be a lot more worried but the passwords we use for all of our personal information and most importantly who we willingly share our personal info (especially) with as you may come to regret it much later on.

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One thought on “How Much Is Your Personal Information Worth On The Dark Web?

  1. My personal information is worth more than all the $ on earth! It is now being used over in Middle East with the French Latin dictionary to teach the children CS. system 32 7bit windows 7. .exe. cmd. exe. Europe Asia Africa have access. It is a paper copy of The Book I typed on computer to teach children about Jesus help troubled teens and young adults who have lost hope in life. Anyone misusing the info for personal gain or to control or harm others will be a threat to ALL people, places and things! I know this to be Fact as the literal truth. I love all people, for every action, there is a reaction. I have been offended and made a fool by the people in my life and want the World to know that concealing the truth and taking people’s personal info without thought of harming them by doing so, is devastating! Peace and Love to All!

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