Huawei Is Back In The SD Association And Other Important Associations

Huawei hasn’t managed to catch many breaks in the last few weeks. Thanks to a ruling by the US Commerce Department, the Chinese company has had countless American firms cut all dealings with it.

This included cutting ties with Google and other smartphone industry standards associations. But the good news is that Huawei has now been reinstated to some of these important organization it had been cut off from.

The SD Association, the Wi-Fi Alliance, and JEDEC have all got back to their senses to reinstate the Chinese company. Well, in the case of the SD Association, Huawei’s membership was never cancelled according to the association’s spokesperson:


Huawei’s membership was never cancelled, it has been temporarily modified to ensure compliance with the US Department of Commerce Order….The name was missing from our website earlier due to a technical issue.

No longer being part of the SD Association prevented Huawei from placing SD card slots in its devices and manufacturing its own SD cards.

However, that has all changed now that the SD Association has reinstated Huawei to its membership list. The company can once again manufacture its own SD cards and include SD card slots in its devices.

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One thought on “Huawei Is Back In The SD Association And Other Important Associations

  1. back to their senses indeed! they were going to lose business in the long run. But a dent has been made. All other countries/companies have to think twice if solely they rely on American products. Microsoft played it safe. On ARM, its just a matter of time, they are definitely going to lose business from China

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