Liquid Telecom Giving Out US$1000 Microsoft Azure Cloud Credits To Startups


Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe’s partnership with Microsoft will bear a lasting impact for interested startups under the Liquid GoCloud initiative.


The program is open to local startups looking to adopt Microsoft’s Azure platform. The startups selected will be joining Liquid’s “marketplace of opportunity” and receive 1,000USD in cloud credit along with exclusive access to Microsoft developers and Azure Cloud experts.

Who’s this for?

GoCloud is open to both tech and tech-enabled startups. Liquid Telecom is interested in startups/companies that already have a Proof Of Concept and have a product/service that they are selling. Your business must also be able to utilize the cloud in some way for you to qualify for the credits.


Apply for the Liquid Telecom GoCloud Credit

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4 thoughts on “Liquid Telecom Giving Out US$1000 Microsoft Azure Cloud Credits To Startups

  1. Local startups should adopt the Microsoft Azure platform and get exclusive access to Microsoft developers and cloud experts. This has nothing to do with finding a replacement killer with proximity to artificial intelligence nor is it about crap. It will be profitable in the long run.

  2. Huawei cloud SA is doing the same thing, but giving away USD$1600 worth of free usage. either way, this is all nonsense, because once the free services expire, you still have to pay for their services in forex to continue.

  3. When your free credits expire and you cannot afford to continue, then Econet will launch Eco, or it’ll be the next Cassava “innovation”.

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