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Meet Bid Buddie, Econet’s New Online Auction App

Bid Buddie is Econet’s e-commerce baby that will rival the likes of Bidding Wars. It a nutshell, Bid Buddie is an online auction. If you have possessions that you no longer need, Bid Buddie is the place where you put it up for sale through bidding.

Unlike the traditional auctions where the auction does business from 9 am to 4 am, the Bid Buddie online auction obviously operates 24/7. To start participating in the buying and selling on Bid Buddie, you have got to pay a one-off subscription of RTGS $1 on EcoCash. Just this idea of having to pay will probably turn out to be an obstacle that will push people away from using Bid Buddie. So they will just head to Bidding Wars to buy or sell stuff for free. But I suppose the reason why anybody will be willing to pay that dollar is that platform is run by Econet- a reputable company.

Anyway, lets put on hold the conversation of comparing Bid Buddie and Bidding Wars. Let’s talk about buying and selling stuff on Bid Buddie.

Neither buyers or sellers will find the use of Bid Buddie a bit hard. The buyer simply needs to browse the stuff that is on offer and click “Place Bid” when they find what they want. Sellers have it all easy also as they only have to upload a picture of what they are selling, write a description, set the duration of the bid and the minimum price they are willing to accept.

The best thing about Bid Buddie is that both buyers and sellers get notifications when either a seller accepts a bid or when a buyer makes a bid- this all happens in real-time. When the auctioning of something is complete, that’s when a buyer gets to know the payment details and methods prefered by the seller.

I know there are still many questions on how Buddie works but for now, let me end here and later on, I will give you a Bid Buddie FAQ article and also a measure up of Bid Buddie (as a platform) to Bidding Wars.

Download Bid Buddie here

FAQ: Answers To All Your Questions About Bid Buddie

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  1. Why did they not just make it free…. There is literally a alternative. Secondly if they get appt of traction… They buying prices will be high and work against buyers

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