More American Companies Cut Ties With Huawei

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As expected, more U.S suppliers are now complying with the trade ban and stopping business with Huawei. These companies include Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom and Xilinx according to Bloomberg.

This now throws the whole toolbox into into Huawei’s works and let me try and break down why.

The Huawei Ecosystem

Huawei has been working hard on their Ecosystem of devices. This includes Smartwatches powered by Qualcomm processors, laptops powered by Intel processors and some networking cards powered by Broadcom chips.

You see where i’m going with this? While Huawei’s flagship and upper-midrange smartphones utilize their in house processors, a good amount of their lower end smartphones make use of either Mediatek processors or Snapdragon processors.

Their laptops are also facing a bleak future considering that almost all the big names in computing chips are in the U.S. Intel, AMD, Nvidia are all Silicon valley companies and so if Huawei is to resume with these devices it has it’s work cut out for it to find either replacement suppliers or build a new factory.

Is Huawei Done For?

Not really. In fact far from it. Considering the fact that Huawei threw a cool US$15 billion into R&D in 2018 which was more than Apple, Intel and Microsoft just to name a few.

With such a budget as well as their own in-house developments like the Kirin mobile processor and the Balong 5000 5G modem, Huawei already has a starting point to produce it’s own components.

Europe is also showing Huawei some love as they refused to join the U.S in closing doors for Huawei. Countries like Germany, Netherlands and France openly said they will allow Huawei to handle 5G expansion in their countries and ignore US’ plight.

That doesn’t remove from the fact that this trade ban will lay down anchor on Huawei’s rate of growth in the near future and probably see a drop in revenue for the tech giant. Like it or not, Silicon valley has the best silicon.

Other US Companies That Might Also Pull Out?

The trade ban in simple terms is not allowing any U.S company to trade with Huawei unless if they seek permission…Which they can be denied.

This now leaves major companies like Microsoft and Nvidia who still have not confirmed that they are pulling the plug on Huawei. Them pulling out means no more PC OS for the Huawei laptops and no more high performance graphics cards as well.

Their audio department might also be losing Dolby audio enhancement support on future devices since Dolby is also an American company.

There are reports that Huawei was working on it’s own operating system so it shall be interesting to see how the company will navigate round this trade ban.

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  1. Thomas Matikiti

    Shouldn’t this article explain why the companies are puling off in the face place what is the underlying issue here?

    1. Tt

      There is a trade ban from the US government prohibiting any exports to Huawei. This is due to concerns about security as the US government believes Huawei collaborates with the chinese government and shares data with them making them a security threat. This article is more of a follow up article for more details just Google and get the whole history.

      1. Edwin Chabuka

        That could be a follow up article on what the trade ban really is. In this one it was more focused on who else has joined the bandwagon and who else is left. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Edwin Chabuka

    “Other US Companies That Might Also Pull Out?
    The trade ban in simple terms is not allowing any U.S company to trade with Huawei unless if they seek permission…Which they can be denied.”

    For now no full details are available. only spectulation. The little we could find and share with confidence is on the 3rd subheading

  3. Cool Head

    It’s gud payback time for Huawei, and a benefit for consumers eventually… While Huawei initially benefitted from photocopying American technology, it’s also high time they developed their own hardware & software ecosystems, so that in the end, there is real competition which benefits the consumer, and also water down American bully boy tactics…


    Huawei phones and most of their components were already banned in the States anyway.
    This is not going to affect its revenue much, its just a matter of changing suppliers for most things. Besides, Huawei has Shenzhen in its backyard, its where Silicon Valley gets everything made. Expect Huawei to keep growing as before.
    Trump’s move will hurt the American companies even more as even more companies are going to start making alternatives to US tech in case they get picked on in the future.

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