NetOne Brings Back Night Bundles For $1


Late last year, NetOne announced O’Nyt browsing and though it’s not clear when they stopped offering that, they have announced a similar program once again at a time when subscribers seem to be desperate for cheap connectivity options.


The bundles have one option going for $1 and that will net you 1GB between the 10 pm and 5 am. To get the bundle simply dial *171#.

This will undoubtedly be welcomed by subscribers who are normally being asked to fork out $5 for 1.2 GB valid for 24 hours. Now there’s an option that’s 5 times cheaper and gives you close to the same amount of data. The only drawback being you’ll have to be an owl to use the data but it’s certainly a good option to have.


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16 thoughts on “NetOne Brings Back Night Bundles For $1

  1. It’s a good option especially when you are having studies as you can research well at night. Tha k you netone for the option.

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