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Use This Website To Check Which Local Supermarket Is Offering Better Prices

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In these trying times where stuff are getting more and more expensive, you can be at a loss to know where to go and purchase what you want for the cheapest price.

Luckily, Zimbollar can now help you to make that pennywise choice. Zimbollar is popularly known for showing you prevailing black market and official exchange rates and commentary on what’s happening in the economy.

This time it has gone another step further by showing you which popularly known supermarkets are offering the best prices in overall terms and on particular commodities as well.

Knowing how to use Zimbollar

Zimbollar’s data covers 6 local supermarkets which are Food World, OK, Spar, Choopies, Pick&Pay and Mahomed Mussa.

The website gives a comparison which shows supermarkets according to how much they charge you for commodity they are selling. You will then see how much your favourite supermarket is charging you relative to others. At the moment Spar is the most expensive supermarket and Mahomed Mussa is the least expensive. The data on this shows the average prices of the commodities each of these supermarkets sells.

You can also just check which supermarket has the best (and worst) price for a particular commodity using another table on the same webpage. To do this, you’d have to toggle a button on top of the table inorder to get a chance to see the prices of other commodities.

Another table will show you the pattern (or trend) of the price of certain commodities over a certain period of time. For instance you can see when exactly sugar had the lowest or highest price in past 3 months.

How to see this

  • Go to Zimbollar
  • Click on the “Commodities” tab to see those tables

NB: The first table is shows commodity prices per supermarket. The second table shows the trends of a particular commodity since January. The third table shows you how expensive a certain supermarket is relative to others.

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One thought on “Use This Website To Check Which Local Supermarket Is Offering Better Prices

  1. While the idea is good one, the site loses a lot of its utility because it seems to be quite slow when it comes to updating prices. For example, Cooking oil went up to ZWL $14.99 at Food World last week and the site is still showing last week’s prices. If this gets fixed them this will be a useful website.

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