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WhatsApp To End Support For Windows Mobile (Lumia) At The End Of This Year

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If you have a Windows Phone (the software on Lumia’s) and you still use that for WhatsApp, then you better start making plans to get another device as Winter is coming for those devices.

WhatsApp support for phones running on Windows failed mobile OS will be ending on the 31st December this year. Seeing that we are still in May, there’s ample time for you to make a plan and get a mobile device that will continue to support WhatsApp once the darkness comes to Windows Phones.

This doesn’t really come as a surprise, since Microsoft itself has been pulling the plug on their software for a while now. Since November last year, developers couldn’t add new applications to the Microsoft Store.

Existing apps could be updated after this date but after the 1st of July this year it won’t be possible to update applications which suggests that the update pushed out before this data will be the last one before WhatsApp pulls the plug on support for Windows.

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  1. Point of correction: Developers can submit apps to the Microsoft Store, only that they can’t target Windows 8.1 anymore, just Windows 10

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