ZOL “Fire Fridays” = Unlimited Night Owl For Subscribers


ZOL recently announced Fire Fridays, which will come as a relief to customers on capped packages.


For subscribers who have the Night Owl add-on, the deal is pretty simple. Every Friday night your internet usage won’t affect your Night Owl data cap which means you can download more aggressively and stream Netflix/YouTube/Lectures and play some video games online without the anxiety and risk of racing through your data cap.


The only downside is that ZOL hasn’t specified whether this is permanent or just for the month of May.

ZOL’s been trying to make sure they add more value to their packages since the cost of their service went up significantly a few months back. In April the ISP also made WhatsApp free for users on capped packages.

For subscribers on unlimited packages, ZOL is giving away Roku streaming boxes at no extra cost. That’s pretty neat if you’re subscribed to services such as Netflix, and Red Bull TV (which is free) but if you’re not interested in that you’re left in the cold.

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6 thoughts on “ZOL “Fire Fridays” = Unlimited Night Owl For Subscribers

  1. Please note that the Fire Fridays are for capped packages, not uncapped as stated in your opening line “ZOL recently announced Fire Fridays, which will come as a relief to customers on uncapped packages.”

  2. Too little too late. Am looking at my modem gather dust. I am sure am not the only one.

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