Econet’s Yo Mix Calling On Subscribers To Act As Agents And Get Paid 50c/New User

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Econet knows a thing or two about using agents to get you to use their services and the company is taking the model a step further and giving customers the opportunity to be agents on the basis that they (the customers, that is) can also get paid for signing people up.

I received a message earlier this morning from Yo Mix and it read:

Quick Money!Get your friends to register on Econet Yo Mix & Send their registered numbers on WhatsApp to 0786491919. You will be paid 50c per registration weekly.

This is an interesting method and it seems the agents who were spending their time in the streets convincing people to download and sign up for Econet’s apps might be facing some stiff competition from the very people they were convincing.

I’m not sure how the conversation of someone trying to get a friend to sign up for Yo Mix will go, considering the application is (at the time of writing) just a place where you can get data at a more expensive price. Maybe the other features such as airtime borrowing and redemption of overscratched cards might be worth an install to some, but it seems like a hard sell if you’re asking me.

For Econet, it’s a good idea because there will no doubt get more registrations because of this move which is what they are going for, to begin with.

If a new user actually uses Yo Mix once they are more than likely to recover the cost that Econet incurred acquiring them to begin with. Let’s say I’m recruited by someone and then I buy the lowest amount of data available (50Mbs for $1.05) Econet have already made two times more than they spent to get me.

Whether this will actually happen once people have downloaded the app is another thing altogether but it is quite likely when you consider that the normal $1 daily bundle (outside of Yo Mix) gets you 40Mb of data and this gets you 10Mb’s extra for just 5c more.

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  1. tafadzwa tigere

    Yes l want to join

  2. Tapiwa tony chigumira

    I registered many people and l was not paid don’t know why?

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Did you try reach out to Econet’s to get a confirmation regarding why you haven’t gotten your dues?

  3. Tapiwa

    I registered many people and l was not paid don’t know why?

  4. Tapiwa

    I registered many people and didn’t get anything

  5. Zimbiti lovemore

    I registered many and i got nothing

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