Econet’s Yo Mix No Longer Forcing Users To Buy Voice And SMS


A fortnight ago, Yo Mix was relaunched but this time there was no fanfare as the prices had sky-rocketed making it more expensive than just buying a normal bundle for most users. Whilst there were some cool new features and the application was now open to everyone the general feeling among subscribers is that Yo Mix simply no longer cuts it.

One of the biggest reasons why people were so agitated by the new Yo Mix was simply because it was no longer a custom bundle. The problem was simple, if I was making a custom bundle, I didn’t want to be forced to buy 200 SMSs along with 10 minutes of talk-time. Most just wanted to buy data and because you were forced to purchase SMSs and minutes, the bundle became way more expensive than it needed to be.

Yo Mix fixed it and has now removed the obligation to buy SMS and voice which will no doubt result in cheaper and more flexible mixes. How much cheaper? Well, that’s still an issue…


Yo Mix is in a tricky place

Whilst Yo Mix generally varies from customer to customer, the picture is still bleak (for me at least). RTGS$5.27 gets me 250MB of data which is still far from ideal once you consider the fact that RTGS$5 gets you 1GB on the normal list of smart data bouquets. For myself and I suspect a bunch of ther users, there just isn’t a reason to opt for Yo Mix over the normal bundles as there is no value.

Maybe Yo Mix is no longer meant to offer value and is instead now a platform for sharing and borrowing airtime, gifting other subscribers and fixing issues to do with overscratched cards. The only problem here is the Yo Mix brand meant something to subscribers and they are no longer getting that from the current version. Whether subscribers are seeing the value of the other features is not entirely clear but hopefully, that isn’t lost on subscribers when they hear that Yo Mix is no longer a good application…

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