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Full Statement: Steward Bank Ex-CEO Speaks Out

Yesterday l tendered my resignation to the Steward Bank board to pursue other interests. Although it’s been more than six glorious years, It feels like yesterday when l started on this incredible gig.

I am graciously indebted to the board, the shareholder and the purple team for supporting me through my role. It has been a privilege to serve this great vision.

As overwhelming as it is, l believe time has come to say goodbye, to allow someone else to take the bank into a new growth stage and for me to sink my teeth into another challenge. I will always remember how special l felt serving all Steward bank customers no matter how small their query.

I have fond memories of how crazy and inspired the team has always been launching one ground breaking innovation after another and how emotional it has been to see the bank grow through the combined efforts of a highly driven team that has achieved so much in such a little space of time.

My heart and soul goes out to all the stewards across the country who have been loyal to the vision and supported my madness through the years, l owe all of you a debt of gratitude.

Nonetheless, I am excited that I will be embarking on an equally challenging role and thankful to God for His Grace.

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8 thoughts on “Full Statement: Steward Bank Ex-CEO Speaks Out

  1. And, yet you guys were spreading fake news that he was fired. You don’t even acknowledge that you had made a mistake.

    1. And if we are privy to more information than this letter suggests sir?

    2. Dude they just said they had not verified wani and even said only zimlive had broken the news with that information .after neither you or them can verify the truth right now this is bigger than you

  2. Privy? Let it out and state the varifiable sources. Don’t tarnish people’s images with I for. Arion without backing sources. Tsvagai mari not makuhwa

    1. So when international publications site unnamed sources that invalidates a story?

  3. There is no smoke without fire though and Lance was well known for running a one man company which he was accussed of swindling forex before so its not really surprising though but again l could be wrong

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