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Get Ready For 15-Hour Power Cuts As ZETDC Begins Stage 2 Load Shedding


If 8-hour powercuts were already a pain in the backside then brace yourselves for even longer periods in the dark, as ZESA has started stage 2 of load shedding as announced on ZBC News last night.

Kindly note that generation at Hwange is depressed due to a technical fault. Load shedding is now on Stage 2.

Load shedding may be above [for longer periods than] the publicized schedules. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Considering that Stage 2 load shedding has 15 hour power cuts, it’s going to be a depressing period if the fault at Hwange takes a significant amount of time to fix.

Even in the event that this technical fault is fixed, once you consider that there’s close to a fortnight of generation capacity left at Kariba, stage 2 might become the norm sooner rather than later.

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18 thoughts on “Get Ready For 15-Hour Power Cuts As ZETDC Begins Stage 2 Load Shedding

  1. We have always had stage 2 load shedding in KweKwe. what a joke coming from ZBC lies.

  2. 15 hours who are you kidding? It is already 17 hours and there is no sign of power yet!!!

  3. This is just not practical any more may the government please permit the public to import solar panels for generating power for household use duty free and easy the power for those in industry to easy load for production . I am a pensioner and keep chickens to supplement my pension and have lost 50 chicks because of power cut offs.

  4. These people are totally useless and don’t give a dam about how everyone is suffering . I bet they don’t have power shedding in their homes

  5. Cause we stupids. Got OVEREDUCATED FOOLS doin nothing . .. take note. every YEAR FOR THE PASSED FIVE YEARS OR SO… WINTER SEASON LAKE KARIBA AND HWANGE ALWAYS HAVE PROBLEMS IN WINTER . cause we dumb dumbs. .. excuse yourselves and resign from the posts if you cant fix the problems.
    Never in a 900 years will this situation change…

    1. But why in Chikanga in Mutare hakuende magetsi zvachose…ciz kune Barrack..but Cranborne and Dzivaresekwa Ext kune maBarrack magetsi anoenda wani

      1. Some areas in cranborne haende, kwane years asingaende. But other parts anoenda. I think it has to do with the type of transformers as some can separate areas much easier than others.

  6. Rubbish.We are sick and tired of criminals taking us for granted.The zesa board members should pay back those heftu cheques they got over the years cause they are thieves.What were they sitting and discussing in that board room.Nxaaaa

  7. Nxaaa do something about this makutijairira manje some areas don’t complain itz not fair at all

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