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MultiChoice May Cut A Large Portion Of Their 2000 Customer-Service Jobs

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The digital age is upon us which means every month or two we come across a company that’s ramping up their digital efforts which in turn results in making some part of the workforce expendable. The latest company to go down this route is MultiChoice which may be forced to retrench 2000+ employees in their call-centres and walk-in customer service centres.

MultiChoice sent out a statement to their employees in these roles highlighting the need to realign their customer service, delivery model. They also promised that new roles would be made available for employees who are skilled in multiple areas.

MultiChoice said that over the past 3 years, they’ve seen a decline in telephone calls, emails along with customers who visit their walk-in store. In contrast, the self-service channels have grown rapidly which is one of the reasons why they are migrating:

In contrast, self-service digital channels have continued to grow, now accounting for 70% of all our customer service contacts. The company is also in an environment where it will rely more on technology than people, as it faces increased competition from technologically advanced and unregulated OTT platforms.

MultiChoice statement

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3 thoughts on “MultiChoice May Cut A Large Portion Of Their 2000 Customer-Service Jobs

  1. DSTV South Africa has been trying to eliminate the need for partners in countries they service. Very soon Mulitchoice won’t even need to exist. That’s what you get for a business model where you are just a middleman, adding no value.

  2. The WhatsApp bot does it for me. It’s faster and way cheaper than making a call to the call centre and more convenient than the self service web portal. Unfortunately, because of automation, a lot more job losses are coming. Call centre guys have been rendered useless. McDonalds now has self service terminals, these will replace till operators. Pick and Pay is working on self checkout. Unfortunately for S.A, the education system is crap and doesn’t produce enough people to fill emerging jobs, but I guess they will adapt or die.

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