Online Insurance Renewals To Reduce Leakages & Counterfeit Registrations


Migrating insurance from paper-based manual systems to online based technology seems to be having a positive effect on the vehicle insurance sector. Surprise, surprise!


It’s great that the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe (ICZ) has moved over some of their processes and made them online-based since this has come with the efficiencies usually expected with such a switch.

ICZ approached Southern Region Trading (SRT) to provide them with the system and the Chief Executive of SRT made it clear that the manual approach was giving the insurance industry some problems:


We were approached by the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe, they were concerned about the leakages in terms of the third party cover notes because as long as you have a paper-based system you then open the door for counterfeiting.

So a lot of insurance firms were losing money because brokers were creating fictitious cover note books, but we computerised that system to ensure that exploited areas like the manual system were integrated to the vehicle licensing.

Phil Mushosho – SRT CEO

The online system is more efficient, partly because it is linked with ZINARA, Traffic Safety Council and ZIMRA and it is said that these departments are all reaping the benefits of having an integrated system:

As you know, the law requires that for one to license a vehicle one needs at least a third party insurance cover in place so what the Zinara vehicle licensing system does is that before they can issue you with the licence, the system automatically checks whether the vehicle has been insured.

By doing that we managed to close a number of loopholes because not only were the insurance companies losing money because of counterfeit books, other Government departments like the Traffic Safety Council, Zimra and Zinara were also losing out.


On the motorist’s end, this system also ensures that they are not receiving counterfeit cover notes so for now it looks like a win-win…

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