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Reasons To Pass At Least One Oracle Certification With The Aid Of ExamSnap

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If you’re one of the many fleeting IT professionals who are unsure of the future of their professional careers, take a step forward and get your first-ever Oracle certification.

Why Oracle? Let’s get into details as to why this famous multinational IT corporation is one of the best certification providers of the present time.

A global innovator

Even after many decades, Oracle remains to be a global innovator, with the most popular database worldwide. As a top-rated company, they have nurtured both businesses and professionals to their fullest capacity. Accordingly, it’s always a great decision to jumpstart your IT career with a prime certification from a world-renowned corporation like Oracle. Gaining validation from a preeminent entity gives you that incomparable reputation that is so hard to ignore.  

Widely-used products and services

Oracle is definitely a leader when it comes to database software and tech. The Oracle database is unrivaled, with thousands of big companies and enterprises utilizing it. Furthermore, recruiters and developers also take advantage of their products and services to add value to the company’s growth. And with such wide reach and steady popularity, Oracle has created a name in database administration and application. Among others, Oracle also offers software products and cloud engineered systems.

An impressive selection of certifications

Their reputation as a top IT company does not end in its products and services only. Oracle takes pride in their extensive selection of certifications for different professionals. Through their Oracle Certification Program, they have helped shaped and transformed newbies into skilled individuals. Thus, their credentials fall into 6 levels: junior, associate, professional, master, specialist, and expert. Whatever career you want to pursue, they have heaps of certifications by product. For Oracle cloud, you can select among IaaS, PaaS, SaaS-ERP, and the like. For Oracle software and hardware, they have certifications for Database, Applications, Java, Enterprise Management, Virtualization, and the list continues. Each certification is structured for a specific skillset and defined job role. And the best thing? Oracle certifications are valid across all industries worldwide.

A definition of proficiency and experience

Gaining an Oracle certification is truly a career-shifting experience that would help you reach your maximum potential. It’s a characterization of your proficiency and experience as an IT professional, which is quite difficult to shape if you only have educational background. In a world where technical variations are constant, having a world-renowned certification makes it easier for you to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge and skills. And the impact of acquiring an Oracle certification badge is more than enough to define your professional image to fascinate recruiters. Oracle certifications aren’t just your typical credentials. These are industry-accepted certifications that make you fully ready for real-world scenarios.

Career improvement

Knowing that Oracle products and certifications are standard validations among companies, it’s not a surprise to have a career boost when you associate yourself with Oracle. Their certifications, in particular, are systematically crafted to aid amateur IT people in their career path. At the present time, it’s hard to ignore that getting a job in the IT domain has been very challenging, especially with the demand of professionals sometimes overpowering the supply of jobs. Hence, it’s best to look for ways to turn the tables and get a higher chance of acing your dream career. And when you get Oracle certified, the rise in job opportunities is imminent. Oracle certifications improve job prospects for aspiring candidates and further place them into esteemed companies. It’s because companies would mainly choose candidates with certifications over individuals who only present their resume. And many Oracle certified can attest to the increase of demand since they acquire that sought-after Oracle badge.

Hiked salary

Another impressive perks when you get an Oracle certification is the notable boost in your financial compensation. So, if you become an Oralce Certified Professional, your annual salary can be 104,000 per annum. Ans it’s not the limit. If you get a position of a Database Administration Manager, you can earn $130, 318 annually. Of course, top companies know that Oracle credentials are no easy certifications. These are well-regarded in the IT-industry, hence their certification exams are challenging. When you plan to go into the Oracle certification path, you should know that it’s an investment, not just financially but physically, mentally, and emotionally. Consequently, companies would reward those people who worked hard in acquiring these top-rated IT validations. As a result, Oracle certification passers enjoy a hiked salary and even promotion.

A community of professionals

One of the most beneficial perks when you become Oracle certified, is you get to be part of an amazing community of competent people, sharing the same career goals. The Oracle community gathers all unified professionals who continue to uplift fellow aspirants reach their professional dreams. With the boundless connection, this could lead to promising job breaks and remarkable friendships.

Getting Oracle certified through ExamSnap

When you’ve decided to take on the Oracle certification path, there’s a website designed for you. ExamSnap Home is a high-rated provider of exam dumps for candidates with different skill level pursuing different careers. They have a deep range of VCE files for all main categories of the Oracle Certification Program, as well as for a number of exams of other globally recognized IT vendors, such as Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, Apple, VMware, among many. Among the Oracle categories, most candidates choose to be certified in are: Oracle Database, Oracle Cloud, Oracle Applications, Oracle Java, Oracle Enterprise Management, and such.

Through the VCE Exam Simulator, that ExamSnap offers you to download, in order to open their exam dumps, you will experience a completely different exam preparation―interactive and engaging. And this kind of groundwork is important to keep you motivated all throughout.

Along with the most valid and updated exam dumps that ExamSnap offers, this great online platform provides you with the video courses. While dumps help you to revise the learned material, instructor-led training courses clarify the questions you have. Moreover, at ExamSnap you can find the articles on how to pass your certification exam on your first try. Thus, this website is a valuable resource to use in your preparation process for any Oracle exam.


When you pass your Oracle exam and become certified, it becomes a domino effect. It creates a contagion consequence, from career improvement to hike salary to job satisfaction. This chain reaction is truly fascinating, making Oracle certifications very addicting! One Oracle credential leads to another certification and so on. So, choose the kind of addiction that is downright constructive to your career!  

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  1. Great article, love your writing tech zim. I do have some doubts on the weight you give Oracle. Having worked for a number of really large companies in Europe and South Africa I can say for sure most companies use Oracle because they are locked in. They end up with large databases that are hard if not impossible to move to other better and more attractive cloud platforms.

    Oracle remains relevant for now, but it is worth pointing out to those who choose the path why it is still relevant and what this could mean in the future.

  2. ExamSnap sells brain dumps. Brain dumps are killing the I.T industry. Instead of learning, one can buy a brain dump and pass an exam. It’s the reason why we have so mny people with certifications who know nothing. Stop promoting brain dumps. They are wrong and illegal.

  3. A problem with this article is it uses American salary data. How can you talk of salaries like $100K p/a in Zimbabwe. Let’s use local salary data.

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