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Steward Bank CEO Lance Mambondiyani Fired

Steward Bank CEO, Lance Mambondiani at the launch of Kwenga

Steward Bank’s CEO, Lance Mambondiani was yesterday fired after being at the bank’s helm since 2015. The reason why he was fired is still publicly unknown.

According to Zimlive,who broke the news, Dr Lance was fired because of the alleged misuse of forex at the Cassava-owned bank. But we can’t confirm nor deny it.

During his tenure Steward Bank turned out to be one of the most innovative financial institutions in the country, coming up with solutions such as WhatsApp banking, digital account opening, mobile app banking and so forth.

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9 thoughts on “Steward Bank CEO Lance Mambondiyani Fired

  1. Say what? The situation prevailing in Zim right now just call for some “innovation” of some kind to survive. Everyone is doing it but when you are in the limelight then it’s something else.

  2. An article about unverified news read on Twitter? Did you even bother to get a comment from Steward Bank? Or, is it the usual: at the time of going to “press” they hadn’t responded to our queries nonsense.

    1. We have sources who verified this issue way before it even went to press boss

      1. There’s no source mentioned besides a tweet on ZimLive. This is news about some elses news (claims rather). If ZimLive were to delete their tweet, this article would have no legs to stand on. It’s a desperate bid to one of the first to break a story, but without doing the required work.

  3. Unverified. Apparently he was about to move on to another bank after some 6 years at the helm.

  4. This is very unfortunate. Econet once got an amazing crop of new fresh minds like Kwanele Ngwenya. Cuthbert Tembedza, James Museba, Japhet Aritho to name but a few. No doubt these people took Econet to another level and launched what is Cassava today. However Wconet culture of abuse and intimidation resulted I. All these big minds leaving. There is this deep politics from the old fags who do not want to see different thinking. This is why econet will not survive in a normal economy with fair competitive rules.

  5. Steward Banks customer service has improved a LITTLE of late but has been absolutley appalling. Hopefully a new person will improve things

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