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WhatsApp Adds “Share To Facebook” Option

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WhatsApp has added a “Share to Facebook” function that I’m finding a bit baffling (in its current form) if I’m 100% honest with you.

The feature allows you to long press on a message and share the message to Facebook. It’s not exactly clear to me what the point of this is but it’s already there.

I’m on the latest beta version of WhatsApp and unfortunately, the share to Facebook button doesn’t seem to be doing anything (for me) just yet as every time I click on it nothing is happening. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the Facebook application on my phone…

The share to Facebook feature will probably become more useful with time as Facebook (the parent company of WhatsApp and Instagram as well) launches Portal. The probability that users will be able to add a story to their WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram by adding to a story to one of these service is pretty high.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t really seem like the main mission of Portal from where I’m standing. From where I’m standing Portal seems like an attempt to integrate these 3 services such that targeted advertising follows you whether you’re using FB, IG or WhatsApp. Keep in mind ads will be coming to WhatsApp next year, so it makes sense for Facebook to want those adverts coming to your personal messaging service to be as accurate as possible.

Anyway, how did a story about Share to FB turn into a rant about advertising?

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