WhatsApp Testing Feature That Allows You To Share Your Status On Your Facebook Story

If you follow WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook news closely you’ll know that Facebook (the parent company of those 3 services) is trying to integrate all three platforms together. Portal, is what they are callling it and it seems that the feature isn’t too far off.

WhatsApp beta users have begun seeing an option that allows them to share their status’ on their Facebook story. Though I’m a beta tester I haven’t got the feature yet which might mean it’s being rolled out slowly or to a particular group of testers.

According to Facebook, this feature does not mean your WhatsApp number will, therefore, be linked to your Facebook account as they are making use of “standard Android and iOS data sharing APIs”. This might be true but considering Facebook’s recent track record regarding data privacy, many will still feel that something malicious may be at play.

WhatsApp status to Facebook

This feature will also mean that you can share to your status to Instagram, Gmail, and Google Photos.

If you’re interested in testing it out and seeing f you’re one of the beta users who has the feature, you can check underneath your Status to see if the feature is active yet. In all cases of sharing to Facebook, there’s no way of automatically doing so as the decision is supposed to be an active decision on your part

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