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Win $50 Airtime For Your Father Or Any Father You Admire

To celebrate Father’s Day, Techzim Market is giving away airtime to fathers voted for by our community.

You know a father who deserves it? Of course you do. Here’s how to win some airtime for them:

  • Just send the message: Father
  • Send it to Techzim Market WhatsApp number 0719696102
  • You can do this by clicking this shortcut link that takes you straight to your WhatsApp:
  • You’ll be given instructions on how to vote for your father by the Techzim Market bot.
  • Once you vote, get your friends, colleagues and those guys in that primary school group that annoys you to vote for him too.

What does your father win and how?

The father who gets the most votes by 6pm on Sunday the 16th of June (Father’s Day) will win $50 airtime. Runner up gets $30 airtime and second runner up gets $20 airtime. The dad who comes in fourth place gets $10 airtime and 5th place gets $5.

Throughout this week, the father who gets the most votes for a particular day will get $5 airtime on the following day. Push for those votes!

Your father can check his votes tally and his standing in the leaderboard by sending the message: Scores to the same Techzim Market WhatsApp number. Only candidates can check scores.

If you are not interested in Father’s Day

You can use the Techzim Market bot to buy airtime from all the networks right there on WhatsApp by sending the message Airtime. Try it today, no need to brave the cold looking for a scratch card, buy all airtime of all networks using your EcoCash on WhatsApp.

Here’s a shortcut link for buying airtime on WhatsApp:

Happy Father’s Day!

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