Xbox One & PS4 Controller Support Coming To iPhones & iPads

Apple recently confirmed that they would be adding support for the two most popular controllers on their iPhones.

This means that if you’re big on PUBG or Fortnite on iOS and you also happen to own one of these consoles, your mobile gaming experience will be getting significantly better once support is made available for the two controllers.

I’ve never bothered with PUBG and Fortnite on mobile as those controls are a nightmare and it’s just not worth my time. If you’re like me, the controller support could make you more enthusiastic to dive in on mobile gaming again.


I’m particularly intrigued for what this feature will do if you have an iPad and the controller. The smaller screens on phones might not be ideal but the iPads bigger screen and more powerful hardware could make for some pretty intense sessions and if Apex Legends gets announced on mobile then best believe I’ll be getting an iPad sooner rather than later.

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