Yo Mix Bundles Now Way Cheaper For Some Subscribers


For a while now we’ve been complaining about the cost of Yo Mix bundles and the fact that the bundles have become much more expensive than we had become accustomed to. We have it on good authority that the bundles are now much cheaper than they were before.


I opened my Yo Mix application and tried to buy a 500MB bundles which used to cost a lot more than the $1.25 I was charged this time around. This is a very attractive option.

We are not yet sure if this applies to all subscribers since Yo Mix uses a dynamic system to actually generate these bundles which means different subscribers get different packages. It seems like it applies to a significant number and it might be wise to just check if you are also getting these cheaper bundles.


We’ve reached out to Econet to understand whether this change is intentional and if it’s affecting all subscribers. We’ll update this article once we have gotten a response.

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14 thoughts on “Yo Mix Bundles Now Way Cheaper For Some Subscribers

  1. The bundles are cheap yes but good luck accessing something as light as the Google landing page with the data purchased via YoMix. You can forget about kuWhatsura. The data bundle doesn’t work. Simple.

  2. Yomix is supper good and cheep … But some Subscribers are not enjoying this wonderful opportunity because some lines are so much expansive… I was once among with expansive charges but thank God now I have a working solution to this….

  3. ive been using the discounted bundles for almost a mnth nw, and they work fine. richard shuld buy a new fone as suggested kkkkkkk

  4. I think it’s the type of subscriber you are. My line is a platinum subscriber and I got the expensive bundles. But I changes lines and no I got the cheaper option.

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