5 Must-have Android Apps That Notify You When Your Battery Is Full

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Unless you use an app, you won’t get a notification that tells your phone has reached 100% of full battery. Even though overcharging your phone won’t make your phone explode, it’s advisable not to continue charging it after it has reached 100% as I explained before in another article.

These following apps will not only notify you that your phone’s battery is fully charged, but they also bring extra features.

Full Battery & Theft Alarm

Full Battery & Theft Alarm has a very easy-to-understand interface. As soon as you open the app, it will display the charge percentage. It will also show your phone’s temperature, overall health, and the time until the battery is full.

If someone were to unplug your phone, an annoying alarm would sound. It can only be turned off by entering a code you set up when you first install the app. The app will even show you your charge history with time and date. Don’t forget to tap on the anti-theft option to prevent anyone from unplugging your phone without your consent.

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Battery 100% Alarm

Battery 100% Alarm, doesn’t have an anti-theft option like the first app, but it’s still a good option. The app will keep you up to date on how much your battery is charged and how much time is left before the alarm goes off.

You can also set a snooze button for the alarm from one to five minutes. There is a slider that allows you to set the maximum charging limit, whether it’s 100% or less.

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Full Battery Notification

Battery Full Notification works silently in the background without showing any signs of life. The app can notify you of the full battery either by sound, vibration or by sending you a text message. Customizing the alarm is also possible.

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Full Battery Alarm

Full Battery Alarm has a few extra features up its sleeves. For example, in the app’s main page, besides having bright red as its color theme, it also has a slider where you can control your phone’s screen brightness.

When you use the app for the first time, it will not ask you to enter a password to disable the anti-theft alarm. You will need to go to Settings and do it yourself.

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Full Battery Alert

If you are looking for an app that keeps things simple, Full Battery Alert is worth a try. Things are not going to get any simpler than this since the app’s main page only features one button. Tap to start and tap to finish, that’s it.

Tap on the cog wheel at the top-right to go into the app’s settings. There you can change the alarm’s ringtone, maximum charge level, alarm delay, vibrate option and if you want the app to start as soon as you plug in the charger.

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