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American Ride-hailing Service Will Launch This Month To Challenge Vaya & Others


Vaya, Hwindi, G-Taxi and Toda are no longer alone in the scramble for Zimbabwe’s transport market. InDriver is an American based ride-hailing service company that’s about to enter the Zimbabwean market at the end of this month. The service already has 26 million drivers world over and in Africa it’s already available in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa- making Zimbabwe its fifth African market.

inDriver has managed to amass so many drivers and invade so many markets partly because of its unique operating model which is different from other raid hailing service such as Vaya, Hwindi,Uber and so forth. Instead of inDriver determining the fare from A to B, which other ride-hailing services do, passengers/ride-hailers/customers are allowed set their own fare and a nearby driver will individually weigh whether to accept, reject or bargain the offered fare. Using this operating model means that there is no surge pricing which customers/ride-hailers of Uber (and others) have often complained about.

However the problem with this model is that as a customer you can’t plan/budget the money you’d want to use on inDriver as your ride-hailing service because there is no fixed price.


inDriver has already started to recruit drivers in Harare where the lauch will take place. And it’s hoping to rapidly grow its driver pool by charging no commissions on driver earnings for six months, meaning that all of the money customers pay will go straight into drivers pockets. After six months elapses it will begin charging no more that 10% in commissions- still it’s much lower than Uber’s 25% and Hwindi’s 20%.

Despite these seemingly differentiating features, inDriver has a number of features which you can find on the usual raid-hailing services such as panic buttons and sharing location with trusted contacts.

The increase in competition owing to inDriver’s entrance is good news for the customers who will likely see better service delivery and competitive prices by the incumbents. It’s game on Toda, G-Taxi, Vaya and Hwindi.

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  • They are wasting time. Big brother will not open up ecocash for them and they are dead.

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  • Ngavasadherere Zim market inotoda varidzi vayo , their model sounds good but can be manipulated by pipo vachida zvakacheaper anyway let the game begins

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