CashLedger Allows Businesses To Track Both Mobile Money & Banking Transactions


A number of businesses/individuals have found utility for EcoLedger – the application which allows you to manage your finances by tracking your transactions. The same developers have now launched a new app, CashLedger – an automatic financial management app for SMEs.

You may be wondering, “I already have EcoLedger, what’s different with CashLedger?” Well, the summary I got from the developers is as follows:

CashLedger is the Business Version of EcoLedger
EcoLedger focused primarily on One Mobile Wallet. CashLedger allows one to view financial transactions from All Banks and Mobile Wallets in Zimbabwe


This Business App also allows one to remotely view all their financial transactions online through a Web Portal.

Whilst EcoLedger had one report for Balances, CashLedger has reports for every transaction category, including daily, weekly, and monthly trend reports which are also accessible online

The web portal along with the transaction history features are hidden behind a subscription paywall with the following tiers:

  • Quarterly – $8 monthly
  • Semi-annually – $6 monthly
  • Annually – $4 monthly

Download CashLedger on Android here

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    1. you will still need to enter your pin code 10 times with network delays after each and every pin confirmation.

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