Comparison Of FCA Charges Between Banks

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After two weeks of giving you FCA fees that each individual bank charges now its time to see for yourself who charges less or more relative to other banks.

 Monthly maintenance feeCash Withdrawal (inside the branch)Soiled notes depositInternal transferRTGS transferTelegraphic transferBank Statement request
Standard CharteredUSD $52.25% of amount withdrawn10%USD $1USD $21.55% (minimum charged is USD $30 and maximum charged is USD $160)USD $5 per request or USD $1 per page depending on the statement requested
FBCUSD $5USD $1.25We do not acceptUSD $2USD $52% of the amount transactedUSD $1.50
Steward BankUSD $21% + $0.05 taxNo chargeUSD $3.50 + 2% taxUSD $10.00+ 2% tax-USD $0.50
NedbankUSD $52% of amount withdrawn-USD $2USD $5-First statement request free per month. Subsequent requests during the same month will attract a charge of USD $1.50 per page
AgribankUSD $21.25% of amount withdrawn-USD $2USD $2USD $3USD $0.50 per request
Stanbic Bank-1.25% of amount withdrawn--USD $51% Minimum charged is $25.00 and maximum chaeged is $150.00USD $0.50
NMB BankUSD $32.25% of amount withdrawn10%USD $2USD $50.5% of the amount-
CBZUSD $22.25% of amount withdrawn-USD $1.50USD $31% (minimum charged is USD $20)USD $1
POSBUSD $51% of amount withdrawn--USD $2 per entry0.5% (minimum charge is USD $20 and maximum charge is $160)-
CABSUSD $11% of amount withdrawn---2% (minimum charged fee is USD $30 and maximum fee is USD $300)-

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