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Econet’s Statement: Kwese Play Officially Shuts Down, Customers To Be Compensated.

Goodbye Kwese Play. Econet Media has issued a statement notifying customers that Kwese Play service is now dead. Even though Roku had confirmed that it’s partnership with Econet was over, Econet still hadn’t officially confirmed that the service is no more. So now in less than 2 years Econet has lost two media businesses- Kwese Play and Kwese TV.

But this time Econet is not just shutting down its service without compensating it’s customers. Econet is going to give Kwese Play customers airtime that’s equivalent to the purchase price of the Roku device. It’s only customers who bought the devices that will be compensated and not those who got it for free. Here’s the full statement Econet issued:

Dear Customer

Further to our earlier communication, we regret to inform you that the Kwese Play service will no longer be available in Zimbabwe. Econet Media sincerely apologises for this unexpected turn of events and for the inconvenience caused.

In recognition of your unwavering support Econet Media is offering you airtime equivalent to the purchase value of the Kwese Play Roku device you acquired.

You are free to use the airtime for all your voice or data transactions. The airtime shall be valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of credit.

To facilitate the credit process, by return email, please supply your purchase receipt number or serial number of the Kwese play Roku device and the mobile number to be credited with the airtime. Upon successful verification we will credit your airtime within 24 hours. Please note the offer for airtime is valid until 15 August 2019.

Should you choose not to keep the obsolete Kwese Play device, please return the device to the nearest Econet Wireless shop for safe disposal.

Thank you for your continued support.


Kwesé Play.

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19 thoughts on “Econet’s Statement: Kwese Play Officially Shuts Down, Customers To Be Compensated.

  1. Why not give people back their money instead of forcing us to accept Econet airtime???

  2. Yes, this is welcome innovation from Econet. We are looking forward to more of their innovative products that we can trade in for airtime. 😉

  3. So what would be really decent of Econet would be to provide the software keys to allow customers to convert the Kwese box to a normal Roku box, and to subscribe to normal Roku channels. Any chance of that?

  4. Can Econet allow us to use the Roku Box for Youtube and Netflix ? Is there a way to convert the box

    1. The Roku device still works & its super strong android box better than the chinese models. It will convert your tv via hdmi to a smarttv with netflix & youtube. It has wifi to access your router, u can comcast mobile videos & pics straight to tv. Its a wonderful device.

      1. Hi Alfred, are you saying that the Kwese box can be used as a standard Android box?

    1. While we at it. The Kwese tv subscibers who lost – where is thir airtime??? Also what about opening that decoder to be free to air

  5. I have wifi… I dont need data or airtime. I had this box less than 2 months, was forced to buy another tv box. I want my money back.

    1. Does anyone know of a whatsapp chat group on this topic?
      I have two of those Kwese boxes and agree with the posts on here that an offer of airtime is unacceptable
      Conversion allowing the box to provide normal TV box content i.e. Netflix / You tube would be a reasonable
      compensation. If this is not possible then i feel that Econet should have a return facility where their clients
      can bring in the Kwese box and get a standard android tv box as a replacement that actually works

  6. What econet is doing is not fair, how can they compensate us with airtime, their device made us install Wi-Fi, so what will be the airtime for worse it’s limited expiring after 30 days. What cruelty is that ? We don’t want airtime thy have to give us our money back. First it was kwese TV now it’s kwese play. I joined their motor insurance and I I was involve in an accident in April and submitted all the paper work but up to date they haven’t responded .

  7. At this point in time if you still use any Econet services, you are simPLY FOOLISH. NEVER GET ANY PRODUCT FROM ECONET

  8. You cant force us on your airtime, besides airtime worth around 60 USD is just too much for me to use in 30 days, I just want my money back.

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