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Here’s An App That Can Make You Create A Fake WhatsApp Chat/Conversation

Do you want to create fake WhatsApp chat and conversations to make someone believe that you talked about something with someone on WhatsApp?

With the help of a third party app, creating a fake WhatsApp chat and pranking your friends is super easy. Just enter the name of the person you want to have a fake chat with, add a photo and the app will create a fake WhatsApp conversation with everything similar to a real WhatsApp chat thread.

The app I am talking about is WhatsFake. You can control both sides of the conversation. The app even shows blue ticks, which show that the message was read by the recipient. You can also send and receive photos on the fake messages thread. You can set fake “typing” statuses and set up fake delivered and seen signs which all together make it seem real.

How to generate a fake WhatsApp chat

  • Tap the green icon (as shown below). Now write the name of the person you’d want to appear to be chatting with and upload their profile picture. You can also make it appear as if the fake person is online or they are typing.

  • Now start your Fake chat. To send a fake message, it’s a no brainier, just type it and send it. But to create a fake reply message, you first need to type it and then tap a light-green arrow (which will turn into white) in the typing tab as shown below.

  • Now you gotta take a screenshot of the fake chat to jokingly prove to your friends that you were talking to Donald Trump.

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  1. The app “makes you create a fake WhatsApp chat”? 🤔 Anyway, I see you are keeping standards high, promoting responsible use of technology.

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