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Mangudya Says “Social Media In This Country Is Full Of Lies” And He’s Now Dealing With ZimBollar

RBZ Governor, Dr John Mangudya

It seems like The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe chief, John Mangudya has found a new place to throw blame at: social media. During a Question and Answer session before the Parliamentary Committee on Budget and Finance he said:

Some people want to spread malicious information so do not confuse indiscipline with communication.

Social media in this country is full of lies. To what extent should we continue to have this.

Who is Zimbollar site? It is the invisible hand behind the indiscipline and it is the one we are dealing with right now.

The problem with Zimbabweans is that they spend more time asking for a strong currency instead of focusing on production.

Okay, lets set the record straight. Would there be lies, speculation and conspiracies on the social media if government communicates truly and effectively it’s the citizenry? For instance, up until midday on Monday there wasn’t any official statement about the reintroduction of Zim Dollar. On top of that they switch their position three times on the matter of how they will deal with money in forex accounts. It’s hard not to inspire the spread of lies if you are not upfront with us and also having poor communication skills.

Now he’s going after Zimbollar long after it started letting us know what was happening in the informal market. Where were they (RBZ) all along if ZimBollar was spreading lies, as Mangudya puts it? If anything Zimbollar is helping people to understand what’s happening in the economy through giving us exchange rates updates and how to make better consumer decisions.

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14 thoughts on “Mangudya Says “Social Media In This Country Is Full Of Lies” And He’s Now Dealing With ZimBollar

  1. When the grandfather of all liers accuses everyone else of lying 🤥 🤥 🤥. Mangudya should be the last person to play clean on the game of liers he is the grant lier. We are in this monitary mess because of his exponential lies.

    1. Lying or telling the truth is relative to the listener. He says social media is full of lies and social media says he is the father of all liers. So what?

  2. Kind of agree.. zimbollar though a useful marker… If they don’t publish the rate dose not move

  3. I will resign if bond note is no more equal to us$, are you a i lying, i dont know

  4. I will resign if bond note is no more equal to us$, are you a lair.. no you i lying, i dont know

  5. if the reforms fail we all fail. so yenyu yekuda kuzoti i told u so or taizviziva. hazvishandi. Wani muri ma christians. Read the parable of the sower. You with negative mindsets are the ones falling on hard rock and thorns. The seed is good but u dont want to take it. shame on negativity

  6. Let’s remove zanu pf by force the ballot doesn’t work in this country. The Zim problem is politics which influence policy and not the economics as some would have us believe. The complete political overhaul is what is needed. We are tired of zanufication of everything. One party state is evil and satanic

  7. The problem with Zimbos is that we want things to be economically OK but we don’t wanna put our shoulders to the wheel as a united country. We focus on the narrow which is politics instead of uniting and work together to the betterment of our country. A country’s currency whether introduced by ZANU or MDC is good to the country so we ought to look at the benefits of having our own currency rather playing politics to the detriment of our own prosperity. Let’s unite and make those in power stop their corrupt ways by exposing corruption and make sure government is accountable for their actions I think checkmate is the new name of the game. ALUTAAAAAA

  8. We met the RBZ Governor at his office when he introduced the bond note and what he told us turned out to be lies.
    We returned to remind him of his promises and he lied again. None within the labour movement has any appetite to meet him at this moment no in the future.
    Neither do we believe his monetary statements or directives to the banks…its all fake.

  9. True.where do we get confidence from.stability of the economy and currency comes when we have clear cut policies that we also believe will be delivered.bur when mangudya and mthuli become biggest liars and misfired hapana hapana.where is 500million mthuli brought from Indonesia kutibhadhara 1:1 so we don’t lose savings.just an eg

  10. Anyone working for this govt cannot talk about productivity – there is a shortage of all basics required to do a good day’s job regardless so there is NO productivity even at RBZ. In fact with over 500k unproductive employees, this zanu fools govt is the biggest liability to a successful economy.

  11. The minister is comfused same as the president nothing is change since he come to power

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