Microsoft Leak Reveals A Neat Start Menu To Be Rolled Out

Microsoft is known to regularly test out new and updated features with a select few users via its Insider Program. However, the tech giant has made an oopsie yesterday by revealing to the public a sneak peek at a redesigned Start Menu. I don’t know if you were a fan of the older Start Menu design, but I have mixed feeling about the new design.

The biggest change that you can easily notice in the redesigned Start Menu is that one notable feature is now missing from the equation- Live Tiles. Also, you can see in the tweet attached below that the apps are now arranged in a grid that has 5 columns and it looks pretty clean. The app list is now gone too and you get a search bar at the top.

The redesigned Start Menu that you see above is currently being tested internally, so it obviously isn’t a polished version that might ultimately roll out to users. Microsoft hasn’t officially commented on the redesigned Start Menu,but Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar in a tweet says that they’re looking into the accidental rollout.

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