Telegram Stays Ahead Of WhatsApp With New Animated Stickers Feature

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In terms of features, Telegram has been ahead of WhatsApp for a significant amount of time now. With features such as dark mode being available on the messaging platform for the longest of times, whilst being stuck in development on WhatsApp for ages.

Another feature which has come to Telegram first before coming to WhatsApp is the new Animated Stickers function.


The stickers will be relatively small in size (coming in at about 20-30Kbs) and Telegraph claims they use less battery than GIFs whilst running at 60FPS.

We asked ourselves: Can animated stickers have higher quality than static ones while taking less bandwidth? The answer turned out to be YES (but only after we told developers they’d get moving cat pictures).

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Telegram is popular for bringing features to users way before competitors and time and time again Telegram users remind those of us who use WhatsApp of how the messaging service copies a ton of features from them.

If WhatsApp copies Telegram on this one, then it will be a couple of months before we see anything similar as WhatsApp are usually slow at testing and releasing new features to users.

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