The Honeymoon Is Over For YoMix Users But You Should Keep On Using It


The honeymoon is over for YoMix user. Gone are the days (the month) when you bought 400 megabytes(MBs) for 85cents. Head to YoMix right now and see how much you can buy those 400MBs (for a monthly period)- it now cost you a cool ZWL $7.17 (see below). The promotion which made it super cheap buy data bundles is now done and dusted.


However, let’s give props to Econet for this promotion. Many people like me used the internet like we were on steroids in June because of YoMix’s promotion.


Still using YoMix is still cheaper for a monthly data bundle. For instance on YoMix 400MBs are going for ZWL $7.17 but if you buy 400MBs outside YoMix you will part with ZWL $10. As you can see there’s still a reason to stick around on YoMix but cherry pickers can hop to another network to look for cheap data deals or simply get back to their network.

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