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{Updated} WhatsApp, Facebook And Instagram Now Working Again

A phone showing WhatsApp Business start screen

Updated: We had published the following article but now WhatsApp, Facebook And Instagram are working just fine.

WhatsApp seem to be having a rough time at the moment as users are failing to download pictures, videos, documents or voice notes. But texting is working as normal and also you can send photos (only that a receiver can’t download it).

If you try to download media you are met with a message that tells you to ask the sender to resend the photo or video (see below). Users in UK, Italy, South Africa are all struggling to use the app properly.

Since WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, Facebook itself and Instagram also are experiencing the same problem.

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94 thoughts on “{Updated} WhatsApp, Facebook And Instagram Now Working Again

  1. In the UK, since mid afternoon there is no WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram voice, photo or video uploads both through ethernet or wifi connections. Seems this problem is the Facebook group.

  2. I am in Jamaica and it is not working either. I can’t download pictures and voicenote

  3. In UAE 🇦🇪 same here… Fail to download Voice messages and videos

  4. We are facing the same problem in Switzerland….any idea when it will be back to normal?

  5. Whole world,I’m in Italy but friends in different countries are experiencing it,we need an actual reason why it’s happening

  6. Use WiFI if u have it, causeni have no problem what so ever what phone do i have? HUAWEI P30 network im using CELLC 4G, currently on Wifi and it downloads anything, and i have no issue either when using mobile network without wifi, never even had such a problem before, android version 8, but i noticed that this error mostly happens on android 6 and 6.2 so if ur phone has a software update that u dont know of go to settings find the option in your settings for software updates and if u find it please make sure your phone is charged to atleast to 70% and do it let me know if it workd for u if it didn’t I’ll see if there is other solutions, also make sure ur whatsapp is updated to latest version

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