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Windows Your Phone App Will Now Show Notifications From Your Phone On Your PC


Your phone is a pretty handy application if you ask me. From being able to sync photos on your phone to your PC wirelessly, to viewing and replying to SMSs from your phone, the application does a decent job of linking your smartphone to your PC.

Over time Microsoft has fleshed out the application and the most recent update allows users to view notifications from their smartphone (Android) on their PC/Laptop.

Whilst users will be able to view notifications, they won’t be able to actually act on the notifications from their computers. Depending on how you view it, this will be a handy feature or something extremely distracting that you’ll end up turning off. I’ll try the feature for a few days, and decide whether it’s to my taste or not.


Considering the fragmented nature of Android, it isn’t clear whether support to act on notifications (e.g reply to an email notification from your phone on your PC) is coming down the line.

Whats is clear, is that Your Phone has fullscreen mirroring coming down the line, which will definitely be interesting. Your device will be displayed in a window on the PC’s screen and you’ll be able to control your smartphone from the desktop. Or at least that’s what Microsoft is promising.

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