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3 Local Apps Every Zimbawean Should Have

As you soon as you unbox your phone or get your phone from a Ximex guy, you are well-advised to download the following apps.

Mobile money apps (EcoCash, Netone and Telecash App)

Mobile money (particularly, EcoCash) is now the default money for a lot of average consumers in Zimbabwe. Having a mobile money wallet means that you can be at ease to travel anywhere (this applies to EcoCash particularly) in Zimbabwe without any cash to make payments.

Mobile money apps spare you the time wasted in responding to USSD prompts by just tapping numbers.

Android users can click here to download Telecel app

Android users can click here to download EcoCash app

Android users can click here to download Netone app

Banking apps

Banking apps provide users with the convenience of checking bank balance, buying airtime, easily send money (Zipit) and other stuff you don’t need to waste your time going to the bank for a teller to do for you.

Just head to your phone’s app store and type your bank’s name to install it’s app.

Techzim Market App

Excuse me for blowing our own trumpet but the app is really useful. It’s not a secret that many people are not loyal to one Mobile Network Operator so they have multiple sim cards. And, couple that with the fact that EcoCash is Zimbabwe’s de facto mobile wallet. Ultimately, you find some people who would want to buy airtime for Telecel or Netone using EcoCash.

Here’s where Techzim Market App comes in handy. The app allows to effortlessly buy Netone and Telecel airtime using EcoCash. Additionally the app allows DStv subscribers to easily make payments using Zim Dollars.

Android users can click here to download the app

For Econet users

By virtue of the fact that Econet users account for most of the subscriber base both in terms of network use and mobile money, I have included these 2 apps.

Who would want to pass the chance to purchase cheaper data? YoMix allows you to use less money to buy data, calling and SMS bundles than what you can spend to buy preset bundles you get on the USSD.

Click here to download the app

Those who have EcoCash wallets surely would want to save their hard-earned Zim Dollars as much as they can. So Cashbot is your answer. The app saves users as much as 62% of their money on certain transactions.

Click here to download the app

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