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4 Apps That Can Make You Enjoy WhatsApp Better

What if I tell you that you can better your current user experience on WhatsApp, would you believe me? If you install a certain bunch of apps, you enjoy your WhatsApp more. Here are some of the apps you may need to download to enhance your WhatsApp user experience:

Square Pic

You must be aware that WhatsApp needs the image to be in a square format for setting the profile picture. Often times, images we upload needs to get trimmed in the most essential parts which result in less appealing pictures. To get around this, there is an app called Square Pic that allows you to change your image to the square format.

Download Square Pic

Status Saver

We all have that friend who shows-off cool videos in their WhatsApp statuses. If asked to send them over, they will act as if they created the video. We all have been there and it totally sucks to depend on someone just because you loved that cute video. Well, not anymore. You don’t have to rely on your friend to get their awesome statuses. With Status Saver, you can simply download any image or video your contacts have uploaded to WhatsApp Status.

Download Status Saver

Sticker Maker

With the usage of stickers becoming mainstream these days, you definitely not want to miss out on all the fun of sending customized stickers which is why I added Sticker Maker in the list.
The app lets you create custom stickers from your own images.

Download Sticker Maker

Message Portal

Have you ever wanted to read deleted messages from WhatsApp? With Message Portal, you can read all the notifications at one place. Since the deleted message would have also been a notification once, it gets retained inside the app which is pretty cool. The app can also be used as a control center for all your notifications.

Download Message Portal

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