As Expected New Econet Data Bundles More Expensive

Econet recently announced they would be revising the prices of their data bundles and true to their tune, they have done so. The new data bundles are more expensive than before but that what was widely expected from the moment we got word of a price change.

How bad is it?

The new daily bundles look like this:

1 Day40MB$2
1 Day250MB$5.63
1 Day750MB$11.5
1 Day2GB$18

Weekly bundles:

7 Days25MB$1.35
7 Days60MB$3
7 Days160MB$7.5
7 Days350MB$15
7 Days700MB$30

Monthly bundles

30 Days270MB$15
30 Days700MB$37.5
30 Days1150MB$60
30 Days2100MB$105
30 Days3100MB$150

Considering that POTRAZ approved a tariff increase it was only a matter of time before the mobile networks struck. NetOne already introduced new tariffs for their bundles and it seems Telecel is the only player who hasn’t done the same, though they have increased tariffs for voice calls and data might be in the pipeline.

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