Comedian Gonyeti Abducted, Later Found Beaten And Bruised

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Yesterday evening, popular comedian was reportedly abducted from her home by a bunch of masked men who were armed with guns.

Like Kevin Hart or Trevor Noah, Gonyeti makes a living by making people laugh. Also, as most comedians she makes harmless and funny comments about prevailing social and political issues. Sometimes she pokes fun at politicians which is why some commentators thinks that’s the reason she was abducted last night.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), she was found after some hours beaten and bruised.

Earlier this year Gonyeti was also arrested for a skit recorded in 2016 where she and other co-actors were wearing police uniforms.

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  1. anonymous

    Chokwadi chabhowa. Continue to speak Gonyeti

    1. Edson

      Muchauraisa munhu varume chokwadi mu Zim unogona kuchitaura asi hapana kwachinoenda asi iwe kutourawa

  2. Anonymous

    What does the minister have to do with this? Isn’t this a criminal case?

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      Lol… I like the ignorance people exhibit to reality.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry hako

  4. Peter Spencer Ravenscroft

    All the police of the world are in deep disgrace
    because so many forget their place
    and rape and torture and kill
    and work for the thugs
    on the top of the hill.

    Peter Spencer Ravenscroft,
    Social anthropologist
    Australia, 23 August 2019

  5. Courage Chamunorwa

    Very sorry sweet heart do things your way darling

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