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Hidden Gems: How To Buy (A Couple Of) Cheap Bundles On YoMix


Do you remember the good old YoMix days when you could buy 400MB for 85 cents? Certainly you do. Sadly, the continuing economic turmoil keeps on increasing the cost of doing business so even YoMix itself had to adjust its sweet deal into what some are now saying is a sour deal.


Even in the sombre state of things, you can still get some good deals in YoMix. One of the deals that I have lately fallen in love with is the daily data bundle of ‘250MB for $2.50’.


The funny thing is that this deal is not purchased by ‘mixing’ YoMix but its one of a number of YoMix’s preset bundles. As the term implies, preset bundles are bundles that YoMix has already set itself and you don’t need to mix anything to buy them.

Why I love the ‘250MB for $2.50’ Preset bundle

YoMix’s 250MB for $2.50 preset bundles is cheaper than buying 250MB through mixing (in YoMix). I figured that if I want to buy 250MB through mixing, I’d have to part with $7.31 which is thrice as much as I will part with through buying the preset bundle.

Outside the YoMix world (buying normal bundles), if you want to buy 250 MB daily data, you’d have to spend $5.50 which is twice as much as you will spend through buying the preset bundle.

Another hidden gem

Besides the data daily bundle you can buy a cheap preset weekly WhatsApp bundle in YoMix that cost you $3 for 140MB. If you decide to buy those 140MB outside of YoMix, you will spend $6.75.

How to purchase the preset bundles

  • Open YoMix
  • Click ‘Preset Bundles’
  • Finally, choose your preferred Preset Bundle and make a purchase

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