How To Sell Your US Dollars On EcoCash’s Mobile Phone Bureau de Change


EcoCash has introduced a handy way of selling your US Dollars for Zim Dollars from the palm of your hand. Here’s how it’s done

  • Go to an Econet shop
  • Deposit your US Dollars into your EcoCash FCA Wallet.
  • Sell your US Dollars whenever you want by dialling *150#
  • Choose option 1 (Bureau De Change)
  • And choose option 2 (Sell USD). Before you choose this option 2 (Sell USD) you may choose option 1 (Exchange rate) to check the exchange rate offered by EcoCash at that point in time.
  • Enter the amount of US Dollars you want to convert into Zim Dollars
  • Choose option 1(RTGS)
  • If you see whats shown in the picture below, Enter 1
  • If you see whats shown in the picture below, Enter 1
  • If you see what’s shown in the picture below, Wait to enter your EcoCash pin
  • After you enter you pin, your converted Zim dollars will be sent into your normal EcoCash wallet.

If you want to know the latest exchange rates through WhatsApp then use the Techzim WhatsApp bot by clicking this link or texting “Rate” to: 0719696102

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Comments 3

one year ago

So are they going to put this update on their application?

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Once Bitten
one year ago

Let’s hope it’s not another hurried product launch, where customer dissatisfaction will be the order of the day…

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Zanu Econet
one year ago

There goes Econet again. Doing literally everything. Chinyika icho only run by two things, Zanu and Econet!!

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