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Minister Reveals How Much Zim Pays For Electricity Compared To Other SADC Countries

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You might need to stop complaining that electricity is now expensive in Zimbabwe. Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has revealed how much Zimbabwe is paying for electricity compared to other SADC countries. Check the Minister’s tweet:

In a way, it looks like the Minister is justifying the recent tarrifs hike or the argument that tarrifs should be hiked again.

Why South Africa pays much more than us

You might be wondering why South Africa pays way much more than Zimbabwe yet it exports electricity to us. Well, the simple answer is: government is subsdizing your electricity.

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8 thoughts on “Minister Reveals How Much Zim Pays For Electricity Compared To Other SADC Countries

  1. The subsidy referred to are funds that looted from the generality of public fiscus hence our tariffs are lower than other SADC countries.

  2. When yu decide to compare Mr Minister please factor in all aspects . Zimbabwe workers earn slave wages long after William Wilberforce advocated for its abolishment.
    South Africa and all Neibouring countries pay their workers far more than you are paying your zimbabwean employees.
    When it comes to petrol and Electricity tariffs you decide to ignore that fact. Hw do yu expect Zimbabweans to survive? Yu ministers are paid handsomely but pay same rates as the poor. You see hw you have destroyed people’s lives?

  3. All mentioned
    Above countries have
    1) currencies that are not funny like ZWL, bond RTGs as you my like to express it.
    2) their PDL matches with their salaries.
    Last but not least don’t try to compare us with those with order and sound policies

  4. Why do u compare tariffs amd ignore the fundamentals? Have u seen the wahes for those sadc countries? Stop taking us for a ride we are not idiots

  5. I always find it interesting when subsidies are accredited to government. Subsidies come from taxpayers. The burden isn’t on government, which is evident by some of their lavish lifestyles. The burden is on the citizenry in general.

    So, if you are a tax payer, you pay 0.38c per KWh plus part of your tax contribution. Only those who don’t pay tax in ANY form, can claim they have “cheap” electricity.

  6. Ko vanodii kubva vaita copy how those countries are runned. Surely this cherry picking of copying region nonsense must stop.

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