NetOne Increases Cost Of Data Bundles… Again

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NetOne recently announced that today they would be reviewing the pricing of their data bundles and as expected the new tariffs are more expensive.


New daily bundles:

24 Hrs40MB$1.50
24 Hrs200MB$3.50
24 Hrs2000MB$10

2GB of mobile data might be a good deal to some but for most this is just overkill and NetOne could do with a bundle between the 200MB offering and the one for 2000MB.


New Weekly Bundles:

7 Days28MB$1.50
7 Days60MB$3
7 Days180MB$7.50
7 Days250MB$10
7 Days520MB$20
7 Days1000MB$35
7 Days2000MB$60

New Monthly Bundles:

30 Days12MB$0.75
30 Days25MB$1.50
30 Days52MB$3
30 Days135MB$7.50
30 Days275MB$15
30 Days1000MB$50
30 Days2500MB$100
30 Days5000MB$150

Anyone care to explain why someone would need 12MB for 30 days? As always weekly and monthly bundles have offered less value to subscribers but now it seems even daily bundles are fast becoming pipedreams for consumers. Remember the $1 for 10 MB days? We might be headed back there.

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